Which villageois are you?
You are a French citizen living in a foreign country
Antoine "

It’s great to live and work in Mexico! Now it is the good time to make a rental property investment in Paris.


You mean handling all from here??? Unless you do not have a magic wand, I do not see how we could manage that…

Villages In Paris will accompany you.

We are with you during the entire project, no matter the country where you live or the project you choose, from the research to the delivery of the key to your tenant.

You live in Île-de-France
Mom Isabelle "

So sweet heart, what about your new job? Besides, new job, new life, new flat?


I know mom, I am 30 years old, and it would be time. However, between my new job, all business trips every four weeks, it is hard for me to find time...

Village In Paris will accompany you.

For your main residence project, we take care of all the steps and issues, making you save time and energy.

You live in another area of France
Patrick "

You are right darling, living in the countryside is very relaxing, but we miss Paris a little…


It has been a long time that I told you that I want a pied-à-terre à Paris!

Village In Paris will accompany you.

For your pied-à-terre project in Paris or in the Parisian area, we can suggest solutions in order to simplify your project management.

You are a foreigner
Alexandre "

Darling, it has been too long since we decided to buy a flat in Paris. We should take some days off to go there and have a look, don't you think?


Honey! How can we possibly make it in a couple of days? In addition, what if the flat needs a complete renovation, we do not even know who to contact and who will follow up...

Village In Paris will accompany you.

We can manage your remote project entirely, from the research to your moving in, from the estimates’ negotiation to the building site follow-up, the furniture propositions and accessories.

You are looking for discretion
Benjamin "

Hi Nat? I am in full preparation of a new ballet for the beginning of the season and it a nightmare here… nothing is ready… You will be here in a week and I have no time to make any visit of apartments…


“Don’t worry for the flat; we just need someone who take care of everything... as in LA when we bought the villa. Do you think we can find this kind of service in France?

Village In Paris will accompany you.

Because here at Villages In Paris everybody is a VIP, but sometimes a little bit of anonymity can be comfortable!

Antoine - Geneva, Switzerland

I wished to invest in rental properties in Paris for a long time. But I wanted to delegate 100% of the process to a service provider: from the search for a property to the rental. After having offered me several properties corresponding to my criteria, Villages In Paris represented me for signing, took care of the entirety of the works, the decoration and the furnishing, and handled the rental of the apartments. Finding such a provider able to support the entire process is a unique opportunity in the Parisian market for a foreign investor. Moreover, Villages In Paris has several key competences:
- The strategic surveillance realized by Villages In the Paris in the Parisian market allowed me to buy according to my needs; that is to say in the right locations and at a fair market price per square meter,
- The team has a talent in optimizing small surfaces. The quality of their projects shows their taste for fitting out.
- All my properties were staged with great taste.
In the end, these apartments were unrecognizable. In a rental market that suffers from poorly designed properties, the transformations made by the team received the unanimous appreciation of my tenants.
I have recommended Villages In Paris to all my friends.

Elodie & Antoine - Mexico City, Mexico

We really wanted to buy a house but as we lived in a foreign country, it seemed impossible. Investing in the country where we lived for a short time did not interest us.
We preferred to invest in Paris, a city that we knew well and where we were sure to return one day. But how to do this a long way from home?
Villages In Paris did everything for us, we gave them our trust and we were right : apartment search, location and property choice, with an expert and a perfectionist eye, respect of budget, choice of service providers, work monitoring, signatures, rental. Without having to make a single trip to Paris, and without any stress, we borrowed money, purchased, refurbished and rented a beautiful two-room Parisian apartment. We were able to do this thanks to their professionalism and the regular contact, we had with them throughout the operation.
We recommend to become a villageois to everyone.

Alain & Thibault - Paris

Upon the recommendation of a villageois, we met Villages in Paris in February 2013; we wanted to find an apartment corresponding to our wishes. Villages In Paris visited properties for us, eliminating those that did not meet our needs while organizing several weekly visits.
After several encouraging visits, Villages in Paris found what we were looking for.
We were right to trust them.
But even if we were more willing to look for an apartment without works than to get a property to renovate, that is what happened! Completely satisfied with their "Exploration VIP" service, we have actually chosen Villages in Paris again to organize the complete renovation of our future "home".
Villages In Paris found the service providers, negotiated the best estimates, organized all operations with common sense, intelligence, professionalism, innovation, aesthetics and feasibility, being reliable, available, accurate, without mistake ...
Five months later, without any single day of delay in delivery of work site, we could put in our furniture in a sumptuous, impeccable and perfectly functional home.
We may say here: we would have never embarked on this dual adventure without Villages In Paris; we had neither the courage nor the skills. We decided to do it because we felt supported and understood by them.
At no time we were disappointed or deceived; the two assignments entrusted to Villages in Paris ended in full and real satisfaction.
Reluctant as we were, we have been completely vanquished by Villages In Paris, you will be too... Trust them!

Martine & Jean-Marie - Bordeaux

We owned an apartment that we rented in Paris for years. At the departure of the tenant we wanted to re-do the whole apartment and fit it out according to our taste while optimizing the space as much as possible.
Not being there, it seemed very complicated to manage it remotely. Moreover before our meeting with Villages in Paris, we had not found any provider that could offer us a complete service in support, consulting, work site follow-up, negotiation, space planning and choice of furniture.
They handled the project from A to Z including our balcony untapped so far. What a surprise we had discovering a Mediterranean terrace! We do not regret on no account our decision to have chosen the "VIP Promotion" solution by Villages in Paris.
In addition to the time saving, their efficiency, their network of entrepreneurs, their good sense and their ability to implement what we had in mind, Villages In Paris has listened carefully to us and has been reassuring throughout the project.

Olivier & Caroline - Paris

Village in Paris immediately attracted us as far as we wanted to buy a small two-room apartment and to invest in real estate. However, before Village in Paris, our efforts were limited to the simple downloading of websites ads due to lack of time and energy.

Thanks to Village in Paris, our project was born last year and we are really pleased with both the way it was conducted and the result!

The staff of Village in Paris were able to understand our expectations, adapt themselves to our request and guide us efficiently in all the stages of our project, taking constantly into account our expectations and with a very high reactivity.

If some of our relatives were skeptical on the day of the purchase of our property, they have been able to see how the apartment was well realized despite a limited space. Our apartment made a big splash the day we put it for rental(more than 80 calls in a day for a rent that corresponded to our monthly expenses).

The choice to use Village in Paris was more than wise. Finally, we acquired our property through streamlined approach of research, we did a lot of work without having to manage the progress of building site and all the constraints that come with it and we finally rented property which we are proud of, that stands out on the rental market and will appeal to all tenants!

Charlotte - Paris

The purchase of the first apartment is an important moment when we cannot make any mistake/nothing must go wrong. Trust is the keyword that guides every single step before the final decision is made...
Villages In Paris offers this trust-based relationship, a relationship that's crucial to build your real estate project calmly!

Mathilde & Julien - Paris

We were never fast enough to visit the good properties, even though we lived on the spot ... In villages paris has allowed us to position ourselves very quickly on properties with a great potential thanks to their remarkable reactivity.

Laurent - Paris

It is significant to know that your project is handled with discretion and that all negotiations, in particular the renovation, aare done in a neutral and professional way and don’t change according to customer’s possibilities ... it is a real added value.

Alexandre - Meudon

Choose a property is like shopping at a market, everyone can do it. But choose the ingredients, know the right producers and have the recipes to make exceptional dishes, this requires a know-how that only chefs have. Villages In Paris offers you this know-how.

Juliette - Paris

I was stressed out by my transfer to Paris. Fortunately, my real estate purchase was made very easily, thanks to the invaluable help of Villages In Paris.

Nadège & Arnaud - Le Chesnay

The VIP team has allowed us to get around all difficulties; they provide the timeframes, professionalism, knowledge of the real estate market and of the renovation one and the hability to listen to future owners. What a beautiful project, wonderfully accompanied and what a magnificent success! We thank them warmly and highly recommend them.

Colin - Dallas & Paris

I trust Jean-Florent and the team with my property and family. They care about our property and us, they listen. They are experts in each quartier of Paris, renovating and interior design. The quality and creativity is excellent. They address every detail. They stay within the agreed budget. And most of all we now consider them friends. I will recommend Villages in Paris to all my friends and family, and continue to work with them.

Arthur & Stéphanie - Paris

Being able to delegate his own building site in confidence is a real comfort for this type of projects : Villages In Paris has a true customer-oriented approach, transparent and effective. They are not there to make you spend your money in all directions and their advice is just and based on common sense. We entrusted to them a project in 2015 and will give them a new one for September 2017. This is a team that is good to have on hand ...

Robert - Rueil-Malmaison

My world has been transformed when I enter my apartment, it’s always a great pleasure. The very modern mirror makes the housing space look younger and highlights the Louis XVI console. The new furniture arrangement and the choice of shades in the living room make the room look bigger. Well done and thanks again to the team!

Anne-Sophie - Paris

A big thank you to Villages In Paris: a team of skilled alchemists, good listeners, who transform everything into wonderful.
Finding a main residence in Paris is not an easy task but accompanied by Villages In Paris, my real estate project was set up without difficulties.
A very important step in my life headed by the experts of Villages In Paris has given functional and wonderful result, without any stress.
Thank you for having achieved one of my dreams and helping me find a golden nugget.

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